Since hanging up his cleats from the National Football League, Super Bowl XVIII Champion Calvin "SABREE" Muhammad has his sights set on another trophy, a Grammy!
He wants to be the first to have a Super Bowl ring and Grammy!

SABREE - to persevere until the job is done!

Calvin started playing music as a toddler on his Mother's dish pans then graduated to taking piano lessons at the age of 6!
Somehow along the way, Calvin learned to play several different instruments ranging from most brass instruments, drums and percussion, bass and lead guitar, soprano and alto saxophone, piano and keyboards and his latest venture, vocals!

The range of "SABREE" is varied as he studied Classical Trombone at Texas Southern University but with his smooth sound of jazz, the rhythmic sounds of his pop style, beautiful sounds with a country touch, his R&B has come back full circle and with his positive rap grooves, Calvin is ready to excite the tastes of all people!

For many years, Calvin has had to fight for his life after having two transplants (Kidney and Pancreas) from being diabetic and playing Professional Football but in Calvin's own words, "Everyday is a challenge for me as I try to become "SABREE"!
I have searched a long time to find that sound but it seems to be coming together!
I feel very fortunate to have an opportunity to touch all peoples of the world in a very positive way!

I hope and pray, my music will be comfort and inspiration to all!

Thank you and Peace!

Calvin "SABREE" Muhammad